Monthly Archives: December 2010

Milwaukee Screening – January 27

2010 Mid-Winter Moto-Movie Night PosterI’m very excited to announce that The Fowler Formula will get a screening in the Midwest thanks to Kevin Knuth, who has organized the Second Annual Mid-Winter Moto-Movie Night in Milwaukee.

I’ll be coming to Milwaukee for the screening and getting to spend a few days in Chicago. I’m looking forward to seeing many of my VinMoto friends from the Milwaukee and Chicago chapters. I’ll be at the after party at O’Brien’s Pub and will be happy to talk about The Fowler Formula, my new project American Norton, motorcycle movies or just plain motorcycles to anyone who’s interested.

Orlando Film Festival

We screened at the Orlando Film Festival in November. We actually screened on my birthday, which made it kind of the best birthday ever.

We met a bunch of really incredibly talented filmmakers in Orlando and spent a lot of time hanging out with them. Alex Gaynor (Wid Winner and the Slipstream), Doron Kipper (Misdirection), Vincent Lin (Chase Thompson: A Film by Chase Thompson), Russ Senzatimore (We Follow the Rules), Brant Hadfield (The Last Legend), Susan Hippen (Me, Myself & Your Husband), Shawn McDaniels & Ray Gaillard (I Remember) — they all put out great films and I was lucky to meet them.

The best surprise of all was Norm. It was also Norm’s birthday. He’s a huge fan of Honda motorcycles and decided his present should be coming to see my film. He and his wife drove a couple hours to come to Orlando. He even brought a pair of CB160s that we got to check out after the screening. So very cool. Thanks, Norm.

Tom and Norm and a CL160D

The First Annual LA Motorcycle Film Festival

LA Motorcycle Film Festival posterIn October I had the chance to screen The Fowler Formula at the first Los Angeles Motorcycle Film Festival. Fortunately, I was able to head down to LA for the day. It was truly awesome.

It was by far the biggest crowd of motorcycle fans to see the film. And the location at the Cretins’ rooftop clubhouse in downtown LA was fantastic.

They screened all kinds of motorcycle-related stuff, from on-board race footage to trailers of motorcycle features to Monica Surrena’s excellent USC thesis film King of the Road.¬†Proceeds from the event went to Riders for Health, a wonderful charity that helps ensure that health care workers in Africa have reliable transportation so they can reach remote communities.

Everyone seemed to have a great time. I think they’ve started something very cool and I’m looking forward to year 2.